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When you think of festivals in Huntsville, you typically think of Crush Wine and Food Festival or Rocket City Brewfest. While these are great events with countless attendees, us cocktail lovers were feeling left out of all the fun. Don't get me wrong; I love our local breweries, but I also love the creativity of our local mixologists in pairing unique ingredients with high quality liquors for their signature cocktails.

Cheers Huntsville is a cocktail-focused event coming to Campus 805 on August 9th and 10th. The Grand Tasting Gala on August 10th will feature local mixologists from Sip, the Bar at 805, and my personal favorite, Vintage Cigar Lounge. Guests will be allowed to sample unlimited cocktails from several sponsors.
Photo Courtesy of Cheers Huntsville 
In addition to local sponsors, big names in the cocktail industry such as Maker's Mark, Tanqueray, Ketel One, George Dickel, Old Forester, Titos, and more will be crafting their own signature cocktails for sampling.
Photo Courtesy of Cheers Huntsville
If this didn't sound amazing enough, the event will also be providing some beer and wine tastings for guests, featuring Ryder Estate Wines and Southern Craft Brewing.
Photo Courtesy of Cheers Huntsville
Prior to the gala on Saturday, Cheers offers several more intimate experiences for guests on Friday with limited space available. One example is the Tanqueray Gin Experience, which allows guests to learn the history behind the London Dry Gin while creating their own cocktail. After the gala on Saturday, guests may also choose to attend the Campesino Rum Afterparty at Sip and enjoy a specially crafted menu for the event.
Photo Courtesy of Cheers Huntsville

Tickets can be purchased here for either the Grand Tasting Gala or any of the more personalized experiences hosted at various locations around Huntsville. Please note that these unique experiences are selling quickly! Snatch those tickets and call an Uber for the night to ensure that you don't miss out on this unique event.


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