The Dessert Fork

Located off Highway 72 in Madison and near Madison Hospital, The Dessert Fork provides a quiet and cozy oasis from the highway hustle. With ample seating and free wifi, the space is conducive for study sessions, business meetings, or catching up with a friend.
The owner, Pauline, greets visitors warmly from behind the glow of the dessert case. You'll find a variety of cupcakes and larger cakes, as well as dessert bars, pies, and cookies. I had the opportunity to sample several of these treats recently and came away with some strong favorites!

Pauline offers standard cupcake flavors daily, but she also has a rotating speciality cupcake schedule, including Cookie Butter! When I tried the Red Velvet and Chocolate cupcakes, I found that the icing on the red velvet was my favorite with its buttery creaminess, while the chocolate cake was not overly sweet and had more of a dark chocolate flavor. The very sweet chocolate icing was balanced by the subtle sweetness of the chocolate cupcake.

The Dessert Fork also offers larger cakes by the slice or as a whole, such as, the Hummingbird cake.
This cake also had a delicious, buttery icing, and the cake was soft without being dry, and the nuts and spice were well distributed in each bite.

 Besides cake, patrons can also purchase adorable, hand-decorated sugar cookies, homemade chocolate chip cookies, dipped Oreos, or dessert bars.
The chocolate chip cookie was soft and chewy, and the dipped Oreos were dangerously addicting! I loved the flavor, quality, and quantity of the chocolate around the Oreo; Pauline took a simple cookie and elevated it to a delicacy.
While the Chocolate Covered Oreo was one of my favorite desserts that I tried, my absolute favorite was the Lemon Bar. Sweet, not sour lemon curd topped a firm (but not hard) shortbread crust, and powdered sugar dusted the slightly crystalized top of the curd. If you can call a dessert refreshing, this Lemon Bar truly felt like a cool glass of lemonade on a summer day. Fresh lemon flavor burst through this dessert without making me pucker, and the light crisp of the top of the curd made for a delightful, textured bite.
The last dessert that I tried was one of Pauline's pies: the Pecan Pie. She offers both individually-sized pies and pies to share, the latter being especially helpful around the holidays. Her Bourbon Pecan Pie had a generous amount of pecans and tasted best when slightly warmed in the microwave (but first take it out of the foil!).

It is noticeable upon entry to the Dessert Fork that Pauline has expended much time and thought into creating a welcoming space for her customers. With both morning and evening hours, this spot could easily become your new favorite place to escape the traffic and enjoy something sweet!


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