Brunch at Top Golf

There is nothing like sleeping in on a lazy weekend. When I finally wake up, the first thing on my mind is food, but it can be difficult to decide what to eat around 10 or 11 in the morning. Several Huntsville restaurants have answered this question by offering special brunch menus, but it can be difficult to find a spot that offers the right selection for you and your friends (because none of us want to brunch alone).
To be honest, I never considered Top Golf to be a hot brunch spot until I was invited to try out their new menu. We arrived around 10 am on a Saturday morning and saw a variety of groups enjoying hitting balls together in their individual bays. Most of us had never been to Top Golf before, so a staff member gave us a quick run down of the game. We realized that it felt much like darts or bowling and got the hang of it fairly quickly.
We ordered several items off of the traditional breakfast menu and the new brunch menu. While we waited for our food, we ordered Bloody Marys--some regular and some spicy. Sometimes Bloody Marys can taste either too much like vodka or tomato, but these were perfectly balanced and had a great spicy flavor.
We appreciated that the food menu included a variety of both savory and sweet entrees, and there were healthier options on the menu as well. The first dish we tried was the Texas Brisket Hash Skillet from the traditional breakfast menu. My favorite part of this dish were the chunks of brisket (I wish there were more!) and the tangy verde sauce.
Texas Brisket Hash Skillet
The next savory dish we tried was the Breakfast Burrito. This also came with the verde sauce and was fairly predictable for a breakfast burrito; however, the generous amount of chorizo gave this one a unique twist. 
Breakfast Burrito 
Almost too pretty to eat was the Acai Superfood Bowl which was an acai smoothie-like puree topped with all kinds of fresh fruit, granola, and toasted coconut. After trying several warm dishes, the smoothie bowl was refreshingly cool and was a nice change from the more hearty items. 
Acai Superfood Bowl
Next we tried the Everything Bagel Flatbread, which is Top Golf's version of the Lox Bagel. The bagel-like crust provided a flavorful base for cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers, radishes, dill, and sliced tomatoes. While the salmon was definitely fishy-tasting, I loved the different textures of this flat bread pizza. 
Everything Bagel Flatbread

The crowd favorite was definitely the Chicken and Waffles; these slider-style sandwiches came with both maple syrup and jalapeno gravy. The crispy fried chicken soaked with syrup on the fluffy waffle reminded me of a county fair funnel cake. 

Chicken and Waffle Slider
We were delightfully surprised by our dining experience at Top Golf in Huntsville. Many sports bars see the menu as secondary to their entertainment and only offer the same burger, fries, and chicken tender salad. Top Golf takes its food just as seriously as the experiences it offers and should therefore be considered as a top contender when making brunch plans. Top Golf offers food service in their golfing bays, but if you'd rather skip the game, they have a full dining space as well. I am grateful for the invite and look forward to dining and playing here again soon. 


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