Beignet Cafe Review

Beignet Cafe is a cozy local spot that offers our community New Orleans-style dishes without the drive. This restaurant has two nearby locations: one in North Huntsville off of Winchester Road, and one in Madison off Hughes Road.

We chose to visit the Madison location on a weekday morning, and the tables were consistently filled with patrons during our visit. The inside of the restaurant has a trendy appearance with natural wood and exposed brick walls while still included New Orleans influences here and there.

When placing our order at the counter, we were pleased to find out that the Beignet Cafe offers breakfast all day in addition to their lunch menu. Beignet cafe is primarily a breakfast and lunch spot, but on Fridays and Saturdays, they are also open for dinner. We decided to order one item from the breakfast menu -- the Strawberry French Toast, and one item from the lunch menu -- the Dirty Grits. For dessert, we ordered four beignets to share. I immediately regretted not ordering the chocolate gravy to pour over my beignets, so that's a must next visit.

The Strawberry French Toast was made with New Orlean's-style French bread and fresh strawberries. The strawberries were warm and coated in a sweet, syrupy sauce.

Strawberry French Toast

The Dirty Grits were made with flavorful grits topped with andouille sausage and a savory gravy enhanced with a house seasoning. This was by far my favorite dish; I have tried to re-create it at home, but it's never quite the same.
Dirty Grits
When the beignets came out, we were astonished at their size. One beignet was easily the size of two or more regular beignets, so we chose to take our leftover beignets home.

The beignets were unfortunately not the star of our experience as I had hoped; far too much powdered sugar (in my opinion) was heaped atop our beignets, and the beignet itself was dense and chewy. Don't get me wrong, they were still delicious, but not quite what I had expected as far as Cafe Du Monde's signature beignets.

The staff was welcoming and appreciated our patronage. While it was difficult at times to receive assistance from a staff member, it was understandable given the newness of the location we visited and the overwhelming number of visitors. I plan to return to try the elusive chocolate gravy and of course, order the Dirty Grits over and over again!


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