Excursions: Culture Cafe in Williamsburg, VA

We visited Williamsburg during September of this year and the weather was perfect. Our main reason for visiting was to experience the coasters at Busch Gardens, but since the park didn't open until 10, we decided to explore the areas around William and Mary.

A cool breeze and bright sunshine accompanied us as we toured the campus. Enormous trees, perfect for climbing, lined the walkways and surrounded the historic landmarks and sculptures. It was about time for breakfast, and we caught sight of the Culture Cafe nestled among typical college town bars and restaurants.

As soon as we entered the cafe, our eyes were overwhelmed by the gorgeous and quirky interior. High-backed couches serve as seating and old doors cover the walls, stacked on on top of another.

We also ordered the Avocado Smash and Peanut Butter Toast. The Avocado Smash is basically the most beautiful Avocado Toast you will ever see. The avocado was fresh and the red pepper flakes added a very subtle kick.
Avocado Smash
The Peanut Butter Toast was incredibly simple but absolutely hit the spot. With just-the-right amount of peanut butter, neatly-sliced bananas, a drizzle of honey and sprinkling of chia seeds, this was the perfect breakfast for a long day of walking at the park.

Peanut Butter Toast
If ever in Williamsburg, skip the overcrowded breakfast hotspots and step into the Culture Cafe. They are also open for lunch, with several interesting-sounding options like the Deviled Eggs with Smoked Trout or the Moroccan Meatballs. 


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