Mason Dixon Bakery and Bistro Review

Recently I started reviewing local food spots to feature on a local show, Know Huntsville. Our November show will highlight healthier dining options. I had always been curious about Mason Dixon Bakery and Bistro, but never stopped by. When I found out that they added a bistro, I contacted the owner about scheduling a visit.

When we arrived at Mason Dixon, I loved how charming the place looked inside and out. We went to the counter to order, but rather than order, the chef had us take a seat while he brought us several of his favorite dishes to try.

We started with two appetizers; the Beet Salad and the Smoked Macaroni and Cheese. The beets were slightly sweet and only a touch earthy in the salad, and the vinaigrette was pretty tangy. The Smoked Mac and Cheese reminded me of sitting by a campfire and eating macaroni and cheese, even though I've never been in such a scenario. The cream is house-smoked and adds a special richness to the dish.
Smoked Mac + Cheese

Beet Salad

Next, we tried some sandwiches and soup; namely, the Grilled Cheese, the MD Burger, and the Harvest Squash soup. The grilled cheese came with its own tomato jam, which I promptly ate by itself with a fork, seeing as I had already devoured the grilled cheese. Probably about 3/4ths through the grilled cheese, I thought, Oh yeah! This bread is gluten-free! It didn't even occur to me because the bread was so good.
The MD Burger was huge and had to be eaten in layers; I only tried a small bite as I was starting to get full. 
The Harvest Squash soup was perfect. Not only did it look lovely when it came out, but it had a warm, autumn-esque taste and was sprinkled with some toasted seeds.

The Grilled Cheese

MD Burger 
Harvest Squash Soup
Amazingly, the food kept coming, and somehow, we kept eating. 
Our next dish was the Bulgogi Tacos. These win the prize for prettiest dish by far. The lettuce wraps were a nice touch, and they had great flavor. The only thing that made them not my favorite was the spiciness factor. 

Bulgogi Tacos
As we nibbled on bits of dishes, taking into account the variety of flavors, the chef came out with three different breakfast dishes for us to try. 
We had the Biscuit and Gravy, the Yogurt, and the Egg Sandwich. The texture of the biscuit weirded me out a little, but the gravy was really interesting and flavorful. The yogurt had potential, but there was simply too much of it. A cup rather than a bowl would have sufficed.
Biscuit and Gravy

Egg Sandwich 


Mason Dixon Bakery and Bistro is a place that all food enthusiasts in Huntsville and beyond should acquaint themselves with. They offer dishes that not only have unique flavors but cater to a wide variety of diet restrictions. I would hate for a place this special to go under the radar and for local Huntsville-ians to miss out on this unique dining location. 


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