Local Taco Review

Local Taco is located off Bob Wallace and is part of the new Whole Foods development. It is conveniently placed as a lunch or dinner spot and is a fun place to spend time exploring, whether you are a boutique shopper, athlete, outdoor enthusiast, or all three.

Our server was attentive to us throughout our visit, and the chef even made a point to come out to ask how our meal was.
Chips and Guac
We ordered the guacamole and the premium combo deal, which came with two tacos and a side. The guacamole, which usually comes out bright green and fresh, was more on the brown side this visit. Thankfully, the taste wasn't affected and the tartness of the lime came through to contrast the saltiness of the chips. The spicy Baja Shrimp Taco is by far my favorite. The combo of sweet coleslaw, tangy pickled red onion, and fried shrimp is delicious, and everything tastes fresh. The sauce kicks in after a couple bites, but a bite of coleslaw cools it right down. I also tried the Smoked Chicken Taco. The smoked chicken was a tad dry, but it was topped with the same coleslaw as the shrimp taco, which added enough moisture back into the taco. They also have a Nashville Hot Chicken Taco that is easily my husband’s favorite.

The interior of Local Taco is decorated simply and loud music pumps from speakers overhead. The large bar and patio out front also contribute to the laid-back hangout vibe.
Jalapeno Margarita

Overall, we enjoyed our visit to Local Taco and are excited to see more restaurants open up in Huntsville like it. Huntsville needs more restaurants like Local Taco that have unique menu offerings and strive for authenticity in both their interactions with customers and the meals that they prepare.


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