Cupcake Challenge: Small Cakes, Regale Cupcakery, Layers Desserts, and Nothing Bundt Cakes

I recently had the privilege of judging a Cupcake Challenge in downtown Huntsville. The challenge took place during the last food truck battle of the season. Four different bakeries were represented; Small CakesRegale CupcakeryLayers Handcrafted Desserts, and Nothing Bundt Cakes.

Sweet Potato- Layers Handcrafted Desserts

The judges were ordered to judge cupcakes in three different categories: chocolate, seasonal, and baker's choice.

Small Cakes reminded me of Gigi's cupcakes with its towering swirls of frosting. The cake was a little dry, but the icing made up for it. Their chocolate cupcake was my favorite out of all of the different flavors they offered.

Regale Cupcakery did not include as much icing, and the cake was nice and moist. They had a delicious Lemon Berry flavor with raspberry drizzle on top.
Lemon Berry- Regale Cupcakery

It was difficult to choose which cupcake was my favorite from Layers, but the Oreo Madness was incredibly rich and mouthwatering. I could taste just a hint of Baileys in the cake that fell apart in my hands. Layers also offered a delicious Sweet Potato flavor as well as a Red Velvet flavor with candied pecans on top.
Oreo Madness- Layers Handcrafted Desserts

Nothing Bundt Cakes also participated in the competition, and normally I can't get enough of those cakes, but when challenged by local bakeries, it was difficult for this one to outshine the rest. 
Nothing Bundt Cakes
I greatly enjoyed being a part of this challenge and hope to participate in more in the future!


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