Piper and Leaf Review

Piper and Leaf has two locations in Madison County; one at the Lowe Mill in Huntsville, and one in Madison near Sprouts off Highway 72. While both locations are conveniently placed, you can purchase Piper and Leaf tea almost anywhere thanks to their frequent pop-up tea stands at farmer’s markets and Bridge Street.

If you go to a local brewery, the bartenders are typically knowledgeable about the their brews and what makes each one unique. Similarly, the “Piperistas”, as they are known, are more than willing to describe the different flavors in each tea and provide three samples at a time for customers.

During this visit, I tried their newest flavor, Capri Cream. It is made with Milk Oolong tea, apples, pineapples, persimmons, orange and lemon rind, chamomile, lime leaves, and spearmint. Although you can add milk to their teas to achieve that creamy taste, this tea is creamy-tasting all on its own without having a heavier texture. It tastes like you are on a summer holiday in Capri, basking in the warm sunlight and sipping  limoncello as you listen to the splashing waves and echoes of seagulls.

Both locations have unique vibes that invite soft conversation and slow tea-sipping. The Lowe Mill location is smaller with less seating, but it certainly has the coziness factor. The Strong Station location in Madison has much more seating and wide windows to let in the natural light. I personally prefer the Lowe Mill location as the seating area is tucked away from the often busy counter and because of the warm, Edison-bulb lighting and brick-covered interior.

Whether you are a tea enthusiast or brand new to the tea scene, Piper and Leaf is a unique place in this area that you’d hate to miss out on. Instead of meeting friends for coffee, try meeting them for tea instead. Just like your favorite coffee spot, Piper and Leaf offers both caffeinated and caffeine-free teas.


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