Alchemy Lounge Review

Alchemy Lounge is located on the second floor of the Lowe Mill near a rotating art exhibit and Suzys Pops. The entrance is a little difficult to find, especially if you go before or after the rest of the Lowe Mill is open to the public. Once you find the bright red door and ascend the stairs surrounded by high brick walls, it's surprising that a password isn't required to enter this “speakeasy-esque” coffee shop.

Each item on the menu is carefully crafted with its own unique element, and the staff is knowledgeable about each offering and more than willing to describe any drink to their customers. We found our barista very pleasant and immediately felt comfortable interacting with her.

I ordered a Mocha, which is espresso blended with Askinosie chocolate (my favorite), and steamed milk. I am a member of their rewards program, so I earned a free almond biscotti (score!). My husband ordered an iced Americano and a protein pack with salami, provolone, taralli, and mixed nuts. The dark chocolate brought out the velvety richness of the coffee in the Mocha, and the Americano has a smooth, buttery taste very little bite.

Protein Pack

I wasn't kidding about the speakeasy feel earlier; when you enter Alchemy Lounge, your ears are greeted by soft waves of jazz. Chandeliers sparkle from the ceiling, and cozy leather chairs beg you to sit and stay a while. In the evenings, Alchemy doubles as both a bar and a venue, offering several local brews and a small stage for more intimate shows.

Alchemy Lounge is easily one of my favorite spots in Huntsville. From the classy yet friendly environment to the superb coffee, this will always be a place I come back to time after time.


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