Bigfoot's Little Donuts Review

If you don't travel down South Parkway often, you may not have noticed the silver airstream parked just off the parkway heading north. You may not have even realized that it is, in fact, a local donut shop called Bigfoot's Little Donuts. If you're heading south, you will take the Jones Valley Drive exit and pull a u-turn at the light. Bigfoot’s is parked right near the U-Haul rental facility in a gravel lot. I like this spot because it is before the crazy construction traffic, and there are plenty of spaces to park at this food truck as opposed to those that are parked downtown.

I. Love. These. People. Every time I visit this donut truck, the owners are so warm and friendly. During my most recent visit, I noticed one of the owners greeting familiar customers as they came to the counter. I visited on a Saturday, and for the hour that I was there, the line never stopped. Even though only two people were working, each customer received their donuts in just a matter of minutes.

We’re talking about homemade donuts here, so there's a pretty fair chance that they are amazing. I tried the Andes Thin Mint donuts and the fresh, hot out of the oil donuts melted the creamy white frosting and bits of Andes mints. I could have eaten the entire box of 12 mini donuts by myself, but sometimes it's okay to share, especially if you order a couple of different flavors. Bigfoot’s has its standard flavors like Cinnamon Sugar and Chocolate Buttercream, and then on weekends they will offer special flavors like Apple Butter or Caramel Cookie Crumble. Regardless of what flavor I try, they are always melt-in-your-mouth delicious.
Andes Thin Mint Donuts
Bigfoot’s isn't your typical food truck with a walk-up window. Instead, you are welcomed inside the airstream to order at a counter. Surprising, there are a few options for seating inside the airstream. I love tucking myself back into the corner beside a dangling Edison bulb light to feel the warm sun and enjoy these delightful donuts. If the inside is full, there are picnic tables outside.

Overall, Bigfoot’s will always be one of my favorite food trucks in Huntsville. It does take a minute to figure out their schedule, but if you follow them on Instagram, they post their current hours faithfully each week. Recently, the owner of Bigfoot's announced that they will be opening a brick and mortar location soon, not far from where they currently are.


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