Brewery Series: Blue Pants Brewery

Blue Pants Brewery is located in Madison off Madison Blvd. Like other breweries in Madison, it is somewhat hidden. 

The bartender was pleasant, and she even arranged beers in the order that they should be tasted in. This brewery just served beer and some spirits. It could have been for seasonal reasons, but they offered mostly darker beers and IPAs (which are not my favorite). 

We tried the Midnight Gose and even though it has a darker color, we found this traditional sour to be refreshing with an earthy finish. We also enjoyed the Mango Pinstripe which is an interesting take on the American Stout. This beer gives the traditional pinstripe stout a fruity finish that tantalizes the senses. 

The interior of Blue Pants appears primarily functional while the exterior has cozy seating, a stage, and yard games. 

Overall, Blue Pants is worth at least one visit, but probably not worth the drive on a regular basis unless you reside in Madison. 


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