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Duncan Farms Review

Duncan Farms is a local farm located just outside Huntsville in Gurley, AL. The farm is situated on 50 acres of land and the farm ensures sustainable operations by participating in CSA, or Community-Shared-Agriculture.

If you have never heard of Duncan Farms or CSA programs, 2020 is a great year to learn more and get involved in supporting the farmers and agriculture in our community. Personally, I look forward to local farmer's markets every summer, but I struggle to find similar fare during the off-season. Duncan Farms offers a year-round CSA subscription program that includes 2 deliveries a month of fresh, locally-grown produce and meat unique to each season of the year. Each delivery costs $50, which may seem high to some, but it is equal to or less than the cost of a trip to Whole Foods or even Publix for similar items.

My December CSA delivery included a dozen eggs, one bunch of green onions, a bag of microgreens, a pound of pork sausage, a pound of filet mignon (four filets…

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